Bass Courses, Lessons & Resources

Raking Ghost Notes Groove

Learn an amazing funk bass groove that will take your ghost (dead) notes raking technique to another level.

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Bass Missions

Embark on challenging bass missions & accelerate your progress. Explore new styles and get creative with practical tasks, just like the studio musicians.

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Ultimate Bass Technique Workout

Learn left and right hand technique concepts and exercises that will take your playing to the next level.

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Walking Bass Fundamentals

Learn to create walking bass lines using chord tones and easy strategies all bass pros know about

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Blues Bass – Quick Start Guide

Learn to improvise blues bass lines using ridiculously effective strategy and bite-sized lessons you can fit in.

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Slap Bass For Beginners

Learn Slap Bass from scratch! This slap bass fundamentals course helps you get funky and stand out from the crowd.

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Walking Bass – Quick Start Guide

Learn to improvise effective walking bass guitar lines on your own using a simple strategy.

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