Core Learning Path

To get you started on your bass journey, there’s a core learning path starting with Bass Guitar 101. Courses are added to the core learning path on regular basis.


Bass Guitar 101

Get started with step-by-step lessons from how to play your first notes on the bass all the way to performing songs and jamming along backing tracks.

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Bass Guitar 202

In this course, you'll develop your technique bass chops, get better at playing in time all the way to learning your first blues standard on bass.

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Essential Bass Guitar Techniques

This course is all about essential bass techniques. From hammer-ons, pull-offs to slides - you'll learn 'em all.

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Lesson Series & Quick Wins

Deep dive into specialized bass lesson series covering essentials techniques, styles, and other practical concepts that will supercharge your playing.


Slap Attack Riff

Learn how to play this cool slap bass riff that features left hand slapping, dead notes and hammer-ons.

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Chromatic Blues Rhythm

Master blues licks that you can re-use to build modern sounding blues lines.

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Country Bass – Johnny Cash Style

Learn fundamentals of country bass guitar by deep diving into three classic songs by Johnny Cash.

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Early SKA Bass Lines Improvisation

Learn essential SKA bass improvisation concepts and techniques. Explore the roots of this bouncy genre and learn everything you need to know to be able to blast of cool SKA bass lines over any chord progression.

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The House Of The Rising Sun – Bass Solo Arrangement

Learn a beautiful solo bass arrangement of a traditional song called "The House Of The Rising Sun".

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Bass Dynamics Control – First Steps

Introductory course to the world of bass dynamics. Lessons and exercises focus on the development of right-hand dynamics technique.

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Raking Ghost Notes Groove

Learn an amazing funk bass groove that will take your ghost (dead) notes raking technique to another level.

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Standalone Courses

These are bonus standalone courses for times when you just wish to take a brake and explore something different (like walking bass or blues!).


Ultimate Bass Technique Workout

Learn left and right hand technique concepts and exercises that will take your playing to the next level.

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Walking Bass Fundamentals

Learn to create walking bass lines using chord tones and easy strategies all bass pros know about.

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Blues Bass – Quick Start Guide

Learn to improvise blues bass lines using ridiculously effective strategy and bite-sized lessons you can fit in.

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Slap Bass For Beginners

Learn Slap Bass from scratch! This slap bass fundamentals course helps you get funky and stand out from the crowd.

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Walking Bass – Quick Start Guide

Learn to improvise effective walking bass guitar lines on your own using a simple strategy.

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Take part in bass missions and other activities that will help you level up your playing.

How To Read Bass Tabs

Learn how to read bass guitar tabs (or tablature). In this course, you'll learn all the basics that you need to know to be able to play along with bass tabs.

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Bass Quests

Embark on challenging bass quests & accelerate your progress. Explore new styles and get creative with practical tasks, just like the studio musicians.

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