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Learn how to play catchy chromatic blues bass line featuring ghost notes and syncopation.

This course features a professional bass player Mitch Cockman from the UK. 

This course includes:

  • PDF & Guitar Pro tabs
  • Backing tracks for jamming and practice
  • Downloadable backing tracks in mp3 format
  • Unlimited help and instructor feedback

Who this course is for:

  • Blues bass players looking to expand their licks vocabulary
  • Bass players wanting to spice up their lines with chromatic notes
  • Bass players who want to spice up their rhythm skills with syncopation

  What you’ll learn

  • How to play the chromatic scale on bass
  • How to connect chords with passing notes
  • Modern and funky sounding blues bass track
  • Become more confident with ghost notes and syncopation
  • Practice blues bass licks that you can re-use
  • Improve your bass improvisation skills

This lesson series features a guest instructor Mitch Cockman from the UK.

Dive into Mitch’s organic bass sound, catchy licks and tight grooves that will get your fingers movin’.