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Learn how to play the bass and be able to play your favorite songs.

 Online, step-by-step courses for beginner bass players.

Are you tired of feeling…

Clueless, you don’t know where to start.

Sort of lazy, as if you lack motivation – learning bass feels just too difficult.

Like you only learn fragments of songs, and you don’t have a plan.

Powerless trying to make sense of all the Youtube bass lessons.

You’re not the only one.

After many years, just fiddling with guitar and bass, I thought I’d actually make some efforts towards some structured learning. Bogdan is clear and concise and has been able to formalize many things I already “know”.

Nick Rutter

I’ve been playing for 35 years. I have always just accepted that I am just not fast. Now I know why! Bogdan has given me the tools to become the bass player I’ve always wanted to be! I just have to do the work now. Thanks B!

Art Garcia

If you’re stuck with dreaming of becoming a bass player but never really making that next big step with your bass chops – it’s not that you have no talent or that you’re just too lazy to practice. It’s something else, and happens to more people than you know.

Musicians get discouraged and crushed all the time.

I know you just want to play, but if you never seem to find the time to do it – it feels just so disappointing doesn’t it?

Look, the thing is:

The solution isn’t to just spend more time practicing. It’s KNOWING WHAT TO PRACTICE, having a clear path, and most importantly – knowing what to ignore.

I know it’s tough being a complete beginner on bass.

When you’re a beginner, you have no way of sorting all the lessons/courses/books/apps or knowing where to begin. It’s no wonder you’re not getting the joy out of playing bass.

Practicing ineffective exercises or plain confusing concepts is not going to help you.

Joy comes from being CONFIDENT PLAYING THE BASS. To get that level of confidence, you need to perform tunes right from the start (even as a complete beginner!).

Just to make it clear…

The online bass learning program you’ll find in the Bass Road Academy only works if you put in the practice hours.

You’ll just need to endure the first weeks/months to get to the phase where you enjoy playing bass and jamming your first bass lines.

So what’s the secret?

You’ll start each practice session knowing exactly what you need to do in order to make progress.

You can take this path to become a better bass player, it’s the Bass Road Core Learning Path.

It’s an online bass learning program that takes you from a complete beginner on bass to enjoying your weekends off jamming along with your favorite songs (or even playing in a band!). That’s where I can help you.

You need to use the practice time available in a smart way so that you can boost motivation and make faster progress.


Your bass practicing could look like this…

Start each practice session with clear & focused lessons

Always know what to practice, how and in which order

Make steady progress every weekend

Apply everything you learn by performing bass lines over music backing tracks

Introducing Bass Road Academy

Everything you need to learn how to play the bass with confidence and know-how.

Get access to the online bass courses, lessons & resources you need for structured practice.

This is an online bass e-learning platform where you get access to premium bass courses, practical assignments and helpful instructor feedback.

You get access to perfectly organized online bass courses, which means you’ll always know what you need to work on. 

Bass Road courses feature little to no talk, so you’ll spend more time playing bass.

 Here are some of the tunes you’ll be learning:

The tempo is easy – these recordings are from the Bass Guitar 101 course inside the Academy.

All Bass Road Members Get Access To:


To get you started on your bass journey, there’s a core learning path starting with course Bass Guitar 101. You also get access to follow up courses and updates, which means you’ll always have something new to work on.

There are bonus courses for times when you just wish to take a break and explore something different (like walking bass or blues!).

You’ll learn at your own pace with clear direction and guidance.


This means that you’ll record videos of your playing and receive feedback throughout your study with me, Bogdan.

You’ll perform music, taking the fast lane to becoming a better bass player.

PLUS you get to track your progress neatly.


You’ll get tabs, backing tracks and all the resources you need to learn the lessons.

Print out PDFs or use Guitar Pro tabs to set up practice exercises at the tempo you’re comfortable with.


This means that you can ask questions whenever you feel stuck or just need to clarify something.

Send in videos of your playing for major course milestones you’ve mastered, assignments or just for fun and get feedback.


Hi, I’m Bogdan.

I’m the founder of Bass Road Academy.

With 12+ years of online teaching experience, I’m here to help you get started on bass.

Check my references: Udemy profile | GMC profile

I want to help you make progress and learn useful skills by guiding you step-by-step towards goals like understanding how music works and where the bass fits, getting those technique chops you always dreamt of and you know – being able to play the songs you love.

If you feel you need a bit of push to get grinding, no worries – I got you, my courses are fun!

Practice with your iPhone, iPad, or whatever device you’re addicted to besides bass.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Sure, let me answer them for you…

How does the payment work, is it secure?

Bass Road is an online bass instructional website founded by Bogdan Radovic.

Bogdan has been teaching bass online since 2007, for reference check out his bass lessons at GMC (click here), Udemy (click here) and Youtube (click here).

All payments are processed using the PayPal service, which is the most secure way to make online transactions. We never receive any payment details from you, all payments are handled by PayPal.

I don't like getting stuck with auto-recurring subscriptions. How can I cancel if I want to stop paying?

You can cancel your subscription any time in just two clicks. Log in to your Bass Road account, click on the cancelation link and that’s it! No need to email us or something.

You can also always cancel your subscription directly through PayPal.

Who's the author of the courses?

Bogdan is the author of all the core courses inside the Bass Road Academy.

Occasionally, some courses or learning materials might be presented by guest instructors.

Is this a good program for absolute beginners? I've never played bass before.

This is a perfect program for you if you’re just starting out.

Core bass courses will take you on a path going from absolute beginner to becoming a skilled intermediate bass player able to get gigs and ready to learn advanced stuff on your own.

Are there any examples of courses and/or lessons that I can check out?

You can check out the courses syllabus for each of the courses currently available in the library, as well as demo videos to get a sense of what you’ll be learning.

Also, I’d like to invite you to register a free account so that you can check out free lessons and resources available.

No credit card is required to register a free account.

How is this program different comparing to the others out there?

The main difference is that materials in the core courses are designed by a single author and with a goal to provide you with a clear progression path.

Each lesson builds upon the previous one, and this program is carefully built to help you make progress in the most efficient way possible starting from zero.

Other offers out there can feel like a buffet, difficult to make sense of, especially if you’re not an experienced player.

Core courses feature no boring talk whatsoever.

You’ll spend more time listening and doing practical assignments old-school-way, figuring things out as you go with clear instructions.

This way you get more out of your limited practice session times.

No more listening to fluff, looking for those 2 minutes of actually useful stuff.

What do I get when I become a member?

In short: you get access to an all-in-one resource for learning bass with practical recording tasks and feedback from instructors that will help you advance your playing.

This means having access to courses, lessons, and everything else available inside that Bass Road Academy exclussive to members-only.

I'm an advanced bass player with lots of experience. How advanced are the courses?

Courses at Bass Road are specifically designed for beginner bass players.

If you’re an advanced player, you might not find enough value in joining this website.

Do I need to know how to read music to take part?

No, you don’t need to be able to read music to take courses. 

All courses and lessons feature easy-to-read tablature. 

There’s even a course on how to read tablature if you’re just starting out.

What equipment do I need to be able to follow courses?

You need a bass, an internet connection, and a computer, smartphone, OR tablet.

This website works on any device.

For video recording tasks you’ll need a way to shoot videos of your playing – I recommend just using your iPhone to shoot a quick video.

These video recording tasks are not required to take part in courses but are highly recommended to make quick progress (warning: you’ll have loads of fun shooting bass videos!).

Are courses delivered live or pre-recorded? Do I need to be there in a specific time to attend the lessons or...?

All courses are available 24/7 via online streaming as part of your membership.

You can go through the materials at your own pace. No stress or unrealistic expectations.

For the best results, it is recommended to practice at least 30 minutes a day but I get it if you’re a ‘weekend warrior’ juggling job and family duties.

If you have any other concerns that you’ll like to raise with me that I forgot to mention, then please contact me at support@bassroad.net and I’ll do my best to help you out.

7 day risk free guarantee

If you happen to be dissatisfied for any reason with what you get when you become a member, or just want your money back, then I’ll issue a full refund within the 7 days of your purchase.

Besides that, you can always cancel your subscription in 2 clicks of a mouse if you don’t have time to practice and would like not to be charged for the next period.

It’s really easy to get started!

You just need to choose a plan below, click on the “JOIN NOW” button and fill out the short form to complete a payment and become a member.

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Any issues with the payment or using the site? Send an email to support@bassroad.net

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Here’s what’s going to happen when you signup:

1. You’ll be instantly logged in on the site with access to all the members-only goodies.

You will receive an email with the first course to start with.

Don’t forget to ask for help if you get stuck. Practice as much as your free time allows.

You need to do this right now because I’ve just re-opened the doors, so it’s an ideal time to grab a membership at a lower price (you get to keep the lower subscription price forever).

If you were thinking about taking bass lessons, DO IT NOW here at Bass Road – it will literally change the whole game for you to get some proper advice and structure in your practice.

Here’s a list of people who have taken MY courses and what happened:

Not sure Bass Road is right for you?

Bass Road is surely not for everyone and I’m motivated to help you figure that out BEFORE you join the site as I don’t want to waste your time.

 If you’re a beginner or never-had-a-lesson-before bassist looking for quality guidance and instructional materials that can help you find a path to learning famous song.

If you’re motivated to practice and improve your skills, and not afraid to put in the hours.

If you find stuff like walking bass amazing and would love to learn how to improvise lines on the go.

Always wanted to slap dat bass, finally get started with this flashy playing style with one of my bonus courses.

Is your dream to get up on stage at a local jam night and blast out a tasty blues jam with total strangers? You’ll learn how to do that.

Striving to learn how bass players think? Get in the mindset and not just learn to play mechanically.

Guitarists switching instrument who sound terrible on bass and are open to suggestions for improvement.

Are you the kind of person that dives headfirst into every good opportunity that presents itself? I don’t want passive course watchers or e-book collectors here at the Bass Road. I want to work with bass players who are willing to implement what they have learned and provide proof for that (like shooting a video of their performance!).

 Can’t get enough of new bass gear and enjoy playing for yourself? I want you in!

Looking for “instant” skills. Please continue looking and just skip this. If you think that you’ll get good at bass overnight, that’s not possible without hours of practice time.

 If you find yourself constantly checking out bass instructional materials, websites and DVDs but never actually start to practice and put effort into getting better at bass – then this website is not the best fit for you.

 Need a quick fix? Learning how to play the bass takes commitment, dedication, and focus. It takes time to build your bass persona and get to the next level.

 Do you expect guaranteed results? Seriously, I can show you the way, but you NEED to do the (bass) walk (no pun intended!).

Proficient bass players looking for lessons and courses for the advanced level. Sorry, but I’m fully focused on helping beginner and intermediate players here at the Bass Road Academy.

 No time for practice? I get it, but please join us later if you don’t have the time for bass right now.

It might feel weird to you that I’m listing all these reasons NOT TO JOIN Bass Road.

That’s because I only want to work with bass players who I can truly help make progress with their playing and music.


It’s really easy to get started!

You just need to choose a plan below, click on the “JOIN NOW” button and fill out the short form to complete a payment and become a member.

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Secured by PayPal

All prices in US Dollars

Any issues with the payment or using the site? Send an email to support@bassroad.net