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  What you’ll learn

  • An original bass arrangement of the famous traditional song called “The House Of The Rising Sun”
  • How to play rhythm & solo parts note-for-note
  • How to approach arranging songs for solo bass performances
  • Practice playing laid-back rhythm feel on bass
  • Learn how to effectively outline chord progressions
  • Get hands-on practice of playing over backing tracks & jamming with other musicians
  • Gain bass audio/video recording experience
  • Become a more confident performer on the instrument

Course Description (click to expand)

In this lesson series we’ll be looking at the famous traditional song called “The House Of The Rising Sun”.

I have decided to compose an original bass arrangement that you can perform on your own or jam with a fellow bass player.

By learning how to play this piece, you’ll be gaining lots of valuable skills along the way.

As a bass player, you spend most of your time playing rhythm.

That’s ok, but here’s a neat trick to make progress faster: practice playing solos and melodies!

Learning materials in this course will help you take your bass technique to another level. You’ll also train your ear and listening skills that are needed to perform this tune on a satisfactory level. Finally, this course features an interactive assignment where you’ll be jamming with me!

Record a video of your playing and I’ll review it and send you feedback.

I’m looking forward to working with you in this course.

Keep grooving,