Funky Bass Lick Turnaround


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​Here we have a funky bass lick that you can use to spice up your grooves. It can be used as a turnaround lick.

It starts with two ghost notes that are played using raking technique and then there is a cool lick that uses slide in combination with raking techniques all within a single left hand shape.

It’s amazing how much “speed” you can gain from using raking technique on bass in a fast passage like this one.

Focus point: examine closely which fingers Fernando uses for sounding the raked ghost notes in the lick to get down the most efficient fingering pattern. This will help you get this lick up to speed.

Advanced technique embellishment: Fernando plays a funky vibrato trill on the last note in this lick. This is done by quickly sliding your index finger between the 7th and 8th fret in this lick. Practice the technique slowly at first and gradually speed it up as you get better at it.

Hope you’ll find this funky bass lick useful.

Keep grooving – Bogdan


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