E7 Slap Bass Groove with Open Strings

I just wrote an easy slap bass groove featuring open strings that you can use for practicing slap and pop technique on bass. There are also hammer-ons and pull-offs, commonly used techniques in slap bass playing style.

The groove is in E7, and I’ve incorporated octave movement on the fretboard so that you can get used to slapping and popping in different positions. The feeling and tension when using these techniques high up above the 12th fret is very different.

These kinds of octave licks in the line can be used to create an epic sounding bass groove and fill a lot of sonic space. That’s very useful in case you’re playing in a funk trio setting. Since the lick is in the key of E, you’ll be using open strings quite a bit.

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Tab legend:

S – slap
P – pop
H – hammer-on
P above “arch” – pull-off

Full Band Performance Audio:

Bass Only Performance Audio:

Need backing track for practice? Download it here for free.

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Techniques used in this lick:

  • Slap technique
  • Pop technique
  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Legato

To play the lick correctly, you need to have notes ringing out after you play them. Be careful with your fretting hand, not to mute the strings unintentionally while switching positions.

The tempo is nice and easy 75 BPM. Listen to the drums to get in the groove, and don’t rush it. Try to stay slightly behind the beat to find the pocket for this one.

You can download the backing track for practice in the free lesson resources package. Click here to get it along with a printable PDF tab.

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Alright, I hope you’ll find this groove fun for practicing slap bass.

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