Funk Bass Groove – Easy

In this free bass lesson, you’ll learn how to play easy funk bass groove.

In this lesson you’ll practice:

  • Time keeping
  • Laying down a funky groove with the backing track

This groove is easy, heck you can play it with just the index finger of both left and right hand!

With this one, it’s all about nailing that behind-the-beat groove and hitting notes at just the right time to blend with the backing track and propel it forward.

Let’s get into it!

Before we get started, make sure you grab a handy FREE PDF and Backing Track package that you can download on your computer and use for practice: click here to get it.

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Funk Bass Groove – Easy

The chord progression: E7 loop

Tempo: 100 BPM

You can choose the left-hand (fretting) fingering that feels comfortable.

I’ve used this pattern: ring – index – ring, but you can also perform the full tune with just the index finger of the fretting hand and still get it to sound groovy.

The most important thing is to count the beats and hit the notes at the right time, aiming to go slightly behind the beat.

Task: learn this bass line and then experiment improvising over the backing track using this groove as a foundation.

Handy Resources For Download

To help you follow the material I’ve covered in this lesson, I’ve created a handy free package that includes PDF that summarizes everything in this lesson PLUS you get practice backing track so that you can play it on your computer or living room audio system and improvise over.DOWNLOAD LESSON RESOURCES PACK

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Hope you’ll find this bass lesson helpful for practicing timing skills.

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