In this lesson you’ll learn how to play a country bass line that incorporates slide technique.

BTW – if you like country music (I do – so fun to play!), check out my course covering Johnny Cash style.

How to play a slide on BASS?

To play a slide, pluck a note and while holding pressure (and note ringing) with your fretting hand finger – slide up or down to another fret to play the next note without plucking it.

Sometimes you’ll be sliding from one note to another and then back, all with a single initial pluck of the string.

So for example, you’ll fret the note on 5th fret A string and pluck it. Next, will keeping pressure with the fretting hand, you’ll just slide to the 7th fret on the same string without plucking the string again. Finally, you’ll slide back down to where you started on the 5th fret A string. This is all done with a single pluck, where you play 3 notes actually using slide technique.

By the way – this is a neat trick for making the line sound country!

Country Road Slide

Alright y’all!

I have composed a neat country bass line for you to learn and I’ve incorporated two types of slides in this one.

The first one you’ll encounter is the slide from below. In our case, you can fret around the 1st fret on the A string and then slide up to 3rd fret to play the note.

The second slide you’ll find when you move to play D on 5th fret A string. There I’ve used a slide that goes from D to E and back to D on A string. This one really sounds country, doesn’t it?

Use the supplied tablature and backing track to learn how to play this tune.


Recording task: once you have learned the lesson, record a video of your performance and share it in our Facebook group.