Learn The Shuffle

This lesson is all about the most famous blues bass rhythm that you absolutely must know how to play. It’s called: the shuffle rhythm!

This rhythm is synonymous to blues, so as long as you keep playing this rhythm, without even any special blues licks or lines – you’ll still be laying down a good blues bass backing track for jamming.

Let’s take a listen to how this rhythm sounds like on bass:

Let me show you how to play this rhythm.

The easiest way to approach this rhythm is to think of 8th note triplets. This means playing three 8th notes inside the space of 1 beat in a bar, like this:

…now just skip playing the middle 8th note in this groove and let the first one ring longer instead.

That’s it – you’re playing the shuffle rhythm!

Bass House Blues

To help you learn a shuffle rhythm, I have composed a song for you to learn that uses this rhythm exclusively.

Use the supplied tablature to learn how to play this tune and then practice playing it over the provided backing track.

Recording task: once you have learned the lesson, record a video of your performance and share it in our Facebook group.