To play a ghost note, you first need to mute the string you are playing on.

Do this with the fretting hand, by resting one or more fingers on the string you intend to play a ghost note on.

Rest your finger on the string, but do not press down on any of the frets. The goal is to just lean on the string with enough force to mute (or deaden) it, but not enough to press it down and touch any of the frets.

Once the string is muted, pluck it with your fretting hand. The resulting note should sound punchy, percussive and non-defined.

This is how you play your ghost notes.

The Old Rockin’ Chair

I have composed a mini bass ghost notes driven song for you to learn, in order to practice your ghost notes playing and incorporation. 

Recording task: once you have learned the lesson, record a video of your performance and share it in our Facebook group.