Top 5 Halloween Bass Songs


Halloween is almost here and I wanted to share with you ideas for Halloween bass songs to learn that would be perfect for the occasion.

You could include the performance of these songs as part of your Halloween party or throw in a song or two in your Halloween gig setlist.

They all sound spooky and have awesome bass lines to groove out.


This song sets the perfect mood for Halloween.

It features a repetitive funky bass line that drives the song and sets the creepy atmosphere which makes it a perfect choice for bass players looking for songs to learn this Halloween.


Learn this classic song that is also truly fun to play on bass.

In the above video, you can check out my personal cover of it. The bass line is funky and features a cool groove with lots of staccato feel. This song is also a great choice to give your fretting hand a workout.


This song is a great choice for Halloween gigs as it is guaranteed to get the crowd wild.

If you’re looking for Halloween bass songs than you need to learn this one.

This is a beginner friendly song that’s easy to play yet sounds so effective.


Learn this dark-themed yet the very melodic song that’s great for playing on the bass guitar.

You could shoot a youtube cover for it or throw in a special surprise performance if you’re hosting a party or a gig.


I’m ending this list with a must-know Halloween bass song that features a legendary bass line.

Learn the main theme and have fun jamming along.

Hope that you’ll find these suggestions inspiring and that you’ll get your bass out and starting playing.

Why not shoot a bass Youtube cover video for Halloween?

Including Halloween songs in your gig setlist, if you’re playing on November 31st, is great for setting up the mood.

What’s interesting to me is that, although these songs have spooky themes, they all sound so damn funky and cool on bass.

I guess it comes with the territory of playing in the “low end”?


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