How To Become The Most Wanted Band Member

The quick answer is – play BASS!

Playing bass can be so rewarding and comes with a lot of perks.

One of them is that it’s very easy to find a band to play with.

Every band needs a bass player, and you know what – we are in demand!

I’d dare to say that there are no ‘unemployed’ bass players, as long as they are any good on the instrument.

If you are aspiring to play in a live band then choosing bass as your main instrument is a very smart choice.

Bands usually have the most trouble finding drummers, bassist, and vocalists. Somehow, everyone seems to be playing the guitar.

Vocalists are indeed hard to replace or find too as they bear the burden of being the frontman of the band. Also, a lot of people sing, but only a few can do it well enough to join a band.

Drummers are simply a rare breed.

Their equipment is extremely expensive and a special practice room is needed.

This makes it hard to find a drummer who actually plays the drums well and has all the gear he needs.

Usually, drummers (as well as bassists) tend to play in a few different bands at the same time.

If you are playing bass, then you are in luck.

You are one of the most wanted musicians out there on the market.

Put in the practice hours and it will pay off as you’ll quickly find a band to play with.

This can be any kind of band, one that composes original songs, plays covers or a simple cafe mini-band.

Just browse through online forums and craigslist and you’ll surely get the gig.

Also, be aware that with this level of demand, You get to choose a band to work with, and that is a huge benefit as it will allow you to find musicians that you go along with great and also the band that plays the music style you love.

Have fun playing bass on the stage, you deserve it!