Ghost (dead) Notes on Bass Lesson


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Okay, so I wanted to make a really handy lesson for you on how to play ghost notes on the bass. Ghost notes are like a secret to groovy bass playing and all real bass players play ghost notes all over the place. This technique is a must-have for any bass player, there’s no way around it. Some techniques you can skip (like slapping – but whoah, why’d you do that!), some you simply must get under your fingers. One of those is ghost notes.

Side thought: you know how you can catch a guitarist pretending to be a bass player? He doesn’t use ghost notes in his playing (most of the time anyway…).

Got a minute? Because that’s how long it takes to learn the actual technique. I’ve also included a cool groove that you can use to practice this technique.

Beginner bass players out there – I’ve got you covered as this lesson is for you! Also, if you’re an intermediate or advanced player who never got deep enough into ghost notes (like you played metal all your life), you should definitely get your toes in.

In this video, you’re going to learn ghost notes bass technique mechanics and also get to apply it to a cool bass groove.

Grab your bass and let’s dig in…

Keep grooving – Bogdan 🙂


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