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  What you’ll learn in this course

  • How to play bass guitar
  • Notes and how to play them on bass
  • Essential left and right hand techniques
  • Rhythm essentials and exercises

  Level: Absolute Beginner

Course Description (click to expand)

This is a course for absolute beginners looking to learn how to play the bass.

If you’re a more experienced player who never had a bass lesson in your life, then this course will help you get started the right way and fill the gaps.

You’ll get all the information you need to get started with step-by-step lessons from how to play your first notes on the bass all the way to performing songs and jamming along backing tracks. You’ll understand how music works, where notes are on the bass, how to play with proper technique, rhythm essentials and performing bass lines along with the backing tracks.

Every step of the way there will be interactive assignments where you get to record bass playing videos and apply what you have learned.

Get expert advice and feedback on your playing.

This course includes:

  • PDF & Guitar Pro Tabs for each playing example
  • Audio backing tracks for jamming and practice
  • Lesson resources such as chord progression charts etc
  • Unlimited help and instructor feedback

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