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 Complete Bass Quests To:

  • Get an opportunity to compose bass lines just like studio musicians
  • Gain confidence in jamming over unfamiliar tracks
  • Get challenged to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Obtain new skills on bass by completing each mission
  • Get bass audio/video recording experience
  • Get motivated to play bass in a meaningful way

How It Works (click to expand)

You’re the kind of bass player that needs a purpose in order to motivate practice?

Look no further – as in this section you’ll get everything you need to stay motivated!

“I’ve noticed that when playing in a band or taking part in online recording projects, I’ve been practicing 100% more. I needed a purpose in order to pick up that bass every day. This is where my idea of Bass Missions was born. I wanted to help my students get that motivation boost and first-hand experience of being a “working bass player”.” – Bogdan

Bass Quests are practical tasks and challenges that you need to complete by submitting the required final delivery (usually a video of your performance).

By completing missions successfully you earn points and mission badges. 

All the submissions are reviewed by the instructor and you’ll receive constructive feedback.

Warning: participating in this section is highly addictive and will result in massive improvement of your bass skills. Participate at your own risk.