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  What you’ll learn in this course

  • Develop left and right hand technique chops
  • Learn how to play triplets
  • Learn what octaves are and how to use them
  • Get better at rhythm comprehension
  • Study syncopated rhythms
  • Improve your bass tone & performance
  • Get better at muting unwanted noises
  • Learn must-know chord progressions
  • Learn your first blues standard

  Level: Beginner

Course Description

This course takes off where Bass Guitar 101 left off. You’ll work on improving your technique chops, getting better at performing bass lines in different rhythms. You’ll also improve your bass tone and performance as well as get into different chord progressions.

Finally, you’ll learn how to play your first blues standard on bass – because every bass player should know how to play at least one.

Course content publishing is in the process. The first three chapters are now available!